Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Translate: Tips On Writing Novels

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Have you ever experienced, where you have a brilliant idea about your novel script.
The idea is cool already, but in the middle of the road suddenly you feel deadlock, then you have been lazy to continue your writing.
Most people write without any careful preparation, and just write without making any preparations. Then your writing is trapped and there is no idea to write again.
Then there is someone who writes the script, amid the way the characters feel or the story is not fun.
Have you, ever experienced anything like this?
Often you read books about authorship, and also read books of novels that you like for example you want to like JK Rowling read JK Rowling's book and look at the technique of writing.
I've experienced things like this. But I trained and refined my writing skills. Learn from a good teacher or mentor.
Writing a good novel is just 10 words in every sentence. Use a language that is straightforward and easily understood by your readers.
So I watched one of the Japanese anime genre fantasy, but the historical element but spiced into a fictional story titled Shoukoku no Altair.
I always sharpen my writing by describing every character and films I like. For example, I like movies that genre fantasy, historical fiction, anime.
Then every episode I always describe it, ranging from characters, conflicts, whatever events that occur in that episode will redefine my description again.
For more easily you can also look for references to the nature of your novel character based on Zodiac.
Then I will describe the characters I will create for my novel, from Name, Age, Strength, Likeness, Weakness.


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